Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MMS Capsule|- No More Bad Taste Complaints

People are excited about the new Jim Humble protocol: Buy MMS, encapsule MMS, How to take MMS, Miracle Mineral Capsules, MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement, MMS Capsules, MMS II - MMS 2, MMS taste... Miracle Mineral is now being called Water Purification drops.

mms capsule protocol --Check out this site for the details on the New Jim Humble Protocol -- http://mmsnews.org/NEWS004.htm sample of MMS Education Site below:

  1. "Take MMS In Capsule Form - No More Taste Complaints. You can buy empty capsules at most drug stores, pictured here. The capsules go by sizes called "SIZE ZERO" and "SIZE ONE." Jim Humble likes this option so much that "MMS-In-Capsule-Form" is what he uses most of the time. This is a do-it-your-self deal.
  2. "IN A SEPARATE CUP, pre-mix a 3 or 4 drop dose with unfiltered vinegar or citric acid, or lemon juice (use the normal 1 to 5 ratio), wait 3 minutes, then use an eye-dropper to place the mix in the capsule and cap it. Take the capsule immediately with water using at least one half cup to a full cup of water. Avoid juices - no taste-masking is needed.
  3. "This writer never complained much about the MMS taste. My thought was that if the MMS taste is a handicap for you, then you better hope you never have to take chemo or sickening doses of strong antibiotic pills. On the other hand, I do hear from people who are VERY sensitive to the MMS odor and taste. They sometimes diminish their doses and never achieve full benefit.
  4. " ARE YOU AWARE that the dosage protocols have changed - for the better. You may not have to ramp up to the 15 drop level to achieve a full "clean out!"
  5. Check out MMS 2 Jim Humble uses swimming Pool "shock" to create hypochlorous acid in the body. It is CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE.

"Take Miracle Mineral MMS1 In Capsule Form - No More Taste Complaints. MMS is now called WPD (Water Purification Drops)

MMS Supplies:

Family 7 bottles of WPD Delux Pack with Citric acid order info

Seven WPD bottles for $99.

Water Purification Basic Kit Pack for $24.95

MMS- Water Purification -1 bottle (no citric acid included) at $19.95

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