Monday, August 2, 2010

Jim Humble Has a Newsletter

Jim Humble reports that --"Now, using MMS you can learn to heal 97% of the diseases of mankind, here now in the Dominican Republic, beginning August 9, 2010. I know this statement smacks of “SNAKE OIL” and I am sorry about that, but I'll tell you what I will do. I'll give you a money back guarantee that is beyond anything that anyone has ever thought would happen on this planet in the case of healing. This is it: anytime within the next year of leaving here, if you attempt to cure someone and you are not able to cure them, I will give you a complete refund. This is providing, of course, that you use the protocol you learn here. All you have to do is call me up and say it didn't work. Then, if we can still work with the person, we will (if you will let me help) to cure them. And if at any time they want to stop, we will stop and I will send you that complete refund."

Check out Jim Humble's newsletters here:

Jim Humble has started a school in the Dominican Republic where people like you and me can go and spend 1 to 2 weeks there learning all about the MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution

Jim Humble continues in his newsletter: "Now, let me tell you what we are really doing here in the Dominican Republic. Our course graduates earn a certificate naming them as a Minister of Health. That is what they are and that is what they do, they MINISTER HEALTH to the world. But we are not going to do it “one person at a time.” We will have to do it thousands of people at a time with each Minister of Health doing his part."

His workshop is almost free -- for less that $1000 a person can take the course, stay in the school dormitory and eat -- all inclusive. You have to pay your passage to the Dominican Rep.

The MMS is now called Water Purification Drops or WP or WPD. These companies below ship daily except Sunday

Silver Ionic Water -- Wayne Rowland - colloidal silver water - - is a water like the ancients used to kill all micro-organisms in the body

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