Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Is MMS -Miracle Mineral good for Herpes?

Herpes is helped using the water purification drops. MMS and Herpes is a hot topic in Jim Humble's book "Breakthrough-- The Miracle Mineral of the 21st Century"

The TV ads makes you think that we all have to put of with herpes forever and it is so embarrassing to have to tell prospective girl friends and boy friends about the herpes conditions.

Jim Humble explains how herpes can be easily healed when the immune system has the proper ammunition to fight disease and strengthen itself. It takes about a week of MMS (or WPD - Water purification drops) at the level of 15 drops a day. Of course you should start with only one drop - once or twice a day- and work up to 15 drops a day.

There is no rush and if you take too much too fast you will feel nauseated and might even get sick from the detox syndrome - or healing crisis.

Find out exactly how to Mix MMS at this website.

Take the MMS sor several weeks working up the the 15 drops a day level. Then hold it for two weeks and your herpes will be gone -- according to Jim Humble's book.

Good luck on your recovery to health and well-being:

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